Thursday, April 23, 2015

Noticing The Good Stuff

Dan Kennedy of Salt Lake City was driving to work a few months ago (March 31st) when a large orange plastic bag fell off of the Brinks armored truck in front of him as he traveled westbound on I-80, near Salt Lake City.  Afraid that the bag would create a safety hazard he pulled over to move it off the road.  That was when he discovered that it contained about 75 pounds worth of U.S. currency.  The currency was packaged in smaller steak-sized packages of  fifty  and one hundred dollar bills.  It was never announced how much money was in the big bag, but one of the small packages alone looked like it had around $22,000 in it.

He tried to chase down the armored truck, but wasn’t successful.  So Kennedy took the bag to work, and immediately called the police.  The bag was returned, unopened, to the Brinks company, which was very glad to have it back.  So glad, in fact, that they sent Kennedy a reward check for $5000. 

Kennedy was surprised to receive the check, remarking that he was only doing what anyone else would have done, and it never occurred to him to do anything else (see here for story)

It’s always nice when good things like this make the news, because by and large the news is full of bad things.  Bad things are news-worthy.  Bad things draw people’s attention.  Bad things make us buy newspapers, and watch television shows.  This probably isn’t going to change anytime soon, but because we are so quick to notice the bad things, the good things often fly by invisibly.  And it’s important for us to periodically notice some of the good things.

So this month I’m spending time noticing the good things.  I’m noticing the people who work hard to provide a free community meal once a month.  I’m noticing the leaders who organize our summer musical, and the individuals who share their talent in those musicals.  I’m noticing the folk who show up early Sunday morning to look after the numerous details that everyone takes for granted.  I’m noticing the young people who are helping with our Youth Sunday this week, and who are part of our church family in many important ways.  I’m noticing our committed daycare staff, and the energetic and creative children who are part of it.  I’m noticing the people who generously support our ministry, and those who donate things when they’re needed.  I’m noticing people who have “small jobs” that make a big difference.  I’m noticing those who go out of their way to talk to visitors and guests, making them feel welcome.  I’m noticing those who have been loyal members of Maple Avenue for many years, and those who have recently become part of our family. 

I’m noticing you.

I want you to know that I’ve seen the good things that others do in our community, and it fills me with a sense of pride and gratitude.  I notice, but even more importantly, God notices.  And I hope you notice as well.

Thank you, and God bless!